Change your email password in customer portal (Cloud Hosting/Office mail)

Every ReadySpace Cloud Hosting Plans come with customer portal.

The Readyspace customer portal is different depending on which branch you purchased the services.

To change your Email password follow the below-given steps. Please note that this privilege would be available only for the administrative user holding the subscription or a specific user who have been given the privilege to manage the control panel.

1. Login to your Customer Portal

2 Select appropriate subscription from the drop-down menu (located at the top right of the interface)

3. Click on the "Qmail" tab on the top.

4. Click on the Email address for which the password needs to be changed.

5. Click on "Change Password"

*Please take note that the password cannot contain any information of your account like Username, Address, Contact person, Contact number, etc
* Make sure you select a Strong Password
or click on "Generate password" to create one.

6. Click on Submit

Note: Customer often does confuse when they do not find their Mail Id in the list of Mail Id's. Make sure you have selected the correct subscription from the Home page of the control panel. To do so go to the "Home Page" >>> Select Subscription from the top right drop-down menu.

That's It!!! You have changed your Email password.

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