Disk upgrade using xfs Partition

Backup the system and data before proceeding
Follow the below steps for upgrading disk on Linux server:

1: Login into the server.

2: Run fdisk /dev/sda

a) Enter “P” to check the disk partitions.

b) Enter “d” for deleting the partition

Enter your Partition number(you need to upgrade)

c) Enter “n” for creating a new partition

d) Enter “p” and select the primary partition not select “e”

e) Enter “W” and exit

3: Type “reboot” and reboot the server ( Reload the partition table.partprobe /dev/sda for not to restart the server )

4: Login to the server again and run xfs_info /dev/sda3

5: Then run xfs_growfs /dev/sda3

6: Check the disk space again(using df -h), you can see it as upgraded.

PLease note : sd3 is the partion number you wish to upgrade(this may varies), also, use this documentation only for the system where last partion is the /.

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