Setting up Mobile Sync on Android app

Step 1 – Open the email app
Open the email app on your Android device.

Open the email app on your device



Step 2 – Tap Add account
Tap Add Account.

Note: If you already have another account set up, first tap the menu in the top left corner and next the gear icon, to open settings. Then tap Add account.
Tap Add new account


Step 3 – Enter your email and password
Enter the email account you want to set up.
Enter your password, the same you use for Webmail.
Tap Manual setup.
Type in your email address, password and tap manual setup



Step 4 – Tap Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync
Select Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync as the account type.

Select Exchange ActiveSync as account type


Step 5 – Enter your account details
For Domain\username enter your email account with a “\” in front, like this: \
For Exchange server enter:
Make sure the box for SSL is checked.
Tap Sign in.
Enter your account settings


Step 6 – Done!

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